About Us

Thank you for your interest in our blog! We hope you will find what you are looking for!

Here is a little bit about each member of the Team Running Husky. 



Luna is a Siberian Husky who loves to run. She is our first dog, and the reason why we started canicross in the first place. We were looking for a dog who would be following us in our outdoor activities. We loved hiking and running, so we decided a husky would be the perfect breed for us. We fell in love with Luna’s marking, her little eyebrows and her party eye. That was even before we knew she would be an amazing running dog. Her first Christmas gift was the canicross equipment, as we were eager to start as soon as we could! Luna is now 3 years old and she raced canicross, bikejoring and skijoring. She is now mostly my partner.




Bolt is our second dog. With our growing love for the dog sports, it was frustrating to have only one dog as we could just have one person running or racing and the other one felt left apart. So we decided to have a second dog so we could each run with our own dog! For Bolt we were looking for a kennel that had running dogs, so he can have that in his blood. Bolt’s parents are doing sledding for fun in the winter, they don’t compete but he has a bit of running in his blood. Bolt was the most adventurous of the litter, which made us fall in love with him. We picked him up in August 2018 and we are living the joy of having two tornados at home since. We are introducing him to the canicross world very early, by taking him on race site and to our trainings. He has now successfully got a couple podiums in canicross and is JC’s main partner.




JC is the runner of the family. He always loves to run and is a competitor who always wants to improve and get better. He was a good runner before. But canicross is actually much different than just running. So he started to train on trail running and train for speed as well. He loves unconditionally our two little champions. 




Then there is me! The person behind this blog, the one behind the social media, the coach of the team. I injured my knee in the early stages of Luna starting to run, and it took 3 years before it completely healed. I am now feeling much better. I started bikejoring last year, and I finally started canicross a couple months ago now that my knee is fully healed. I am also the “coach” of our team, I organize our races, find races and book hotels, and I interact with our community on social media to help people get started with the dogs sports.