Fast and Furriest 1K

June 10th, Luna and JC participated in their first race, the Fast and Furriest 1k.

No breakfast for her that morning. The rule is: no food 3 hours before a run or 1 hour after a run. This is to prevent issues with the stomach, which can be really dangerous. 

We arrived early to pick up our race kit, first bib for JC and Luna! Luna was super excited. We had taken her to JC’s races in the past so she can get used to the race ambiance: the people, the music, people running… and for this one there was another parameter: the dogs. The 1k dog race was 20 participants, and there was a 5k as well. 

In the starting line, it was a mass start with both people running the dog race and people running the regular 1k race, which were a lot of kids. Luna was not afraid of the horn. Once running, it was a bit tricky to get out of the crowd of this mass start. But after a few hundred meters they reached the first place and now it was just back to a regular training for Luna. Except she was seeing the other dogs running on the other side of the trail, so she worked on her “on by” a lot! 

After what seemed to me waiting for them just a couple seconds, they finished 1st place in 3:48! I was so proud to see them running!! 

First medal for Luna, and she was proud to see us proud of her. Little champion did a great job for her first race!

Then we stayed for a bit to watch the 5k dog race which our friends Gina and Cujo, and Adam and Misha were running. They did a great race as well! 

After we came home Luna slept the whole afternoon 😂

Here is the video of our first race:

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