Videography Portfolio

Floriane Vallery

My photography, videography, and editing skills are self-taught. I shoot with a Canon camera and a GoPro. I edit with Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere Pro, all of them are part of the Adobe Creative Suite.

Informative video

Talking to the viewer directly face camera, giving some information about a subject. Here in this example, giving tips about how to fit a running harness on a dog. I also added French subtitles as my viewing is also francophone.

Inspirational Video

To promote the harness sports that are still niche, I filmed this video to inspire people to get started with bikejoring, by showcasing a lot of action shots and showing the relationship between the driver and their dog. This video was filmed during the spring of 2020, to show that even if most events and races were cancelled because of COVID-19, we could still go out and enjoy the sports, while adhering to safety recommendations.

Race/Event/Action Video

Here in this example, this video was shot during a race. I filmed competitors getting ready, giving a general feeling of the event. Then some action shots to give the chills about the race.


I also film vlogs. Here in the example, I attended a weekend event organized by the sports store MEC. The brand invited local outdoors enthusiasts who share their passion for outdoors on social media. This event was to showcase and try products, as well as giving the guests some tips on how to promote the outdoors on social media.