Travelling with your dog

With summer comes camping trips, cottage trips or just vacation. If you love your dog as much as we love Luna, your plan certainly include your dog! So here are a few tips about how to travel with your dog.

Looking for pet friendly places 


When you’re staying at a hotel, make sure to check if the hotel is pet friendly. I know it’s more of a pain to find pet friendly hotel, but it is important to make sure the hotel is okay to welcome your dog. Some hotels may include a pet friendly fee, which is a cleaning fee for the extra cleaning they’ll have to do after your dog stayed in the room. Some hotels will also give you some treats for your dog 🙂


Even if you are camping, make sure to check if your campground is pet friendly. In Algonquin Park, our favorite park and our first choice for camping, only a few campgrounds are pet friendly. 

What to pack for your dog

  • Bed: bring your dogs bed when you travel. It makes him feel like home and releases the stress of sleeping in an unknown new place. 
  • Collapsible bowls for his food and water, to take less space in your trunk or backpack
  • A few toys, to reiterate the feeling at home, and keep your dog busy so that he doesn’t destroy your hotel room or campsite
  • Long leash for the campsite, so your dog can roam free on your campsite without having any trouble. 
  • Food: if your dog is kibble fed, pack some little sandwich bags with the exact amount per meal, it makes it easier to pack the right amount. If your dog is raw fed, there are alternative like dehydrated food, but I will talk about it more in details in a future blog post. 
  • Bandanas: your dog will look stylish on his adventures 🙂
  • Dog backpack: if you’re going camping, your dog can carry his own food for example. Or it can just tire the dog a bit more during the day so that he is more tired and settles down easier in the evening on your campsite/in your hotel room.
  • Treats: if you use treats on a regular basis on your hikes, make sure to bring enough treats for the duration of your trip. 
  • Tags: it is super important when you’re at home, but even more when away from home. Make sure your dog has a proper name tag with your his name and our phone number. Your dog can be scared and run away, you want to make sure somebody will be able to help. 
  • First aid kit: there are some pet first aid kit, but a regular first aid kit will help. We have a small one in each our hiking backpacks, in our canicross bag and in the trunk of the car. 

This is just some of the basics that you may want to pack when travelling with your dog. 

Do you have any tips you want to share that work for you when going on a trip with your dog?

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