Getting started in canicross: first run

Now that your dog is used to wearing the running harness, you can have some fun and show your dog how much fun it will be, by going out for a quick run. If your dog is a puppy, it doesn’t have to be long. Our first run with Bolt was just 200m. 

All that matters here, is to show the dog it will be fun to run together, and that the dog understands he needs to pull you.
Heavily reward any sign of tension in the line and praise.

Your dog may think you are playing and start jumping on you. Ignore the dog when he’s jumping. Turn your back to him if needed, stop and ignore the dog. Once he is calmer, you can try again. 

Example of the dog wanting to play and jumping

If the dog doesn’t understand you want him to pull at first, you can use the bunny technique. Have someone your dog really like run in front of you. The dog will naturally want to go towards that person and this is when you can heavily reward the pulling.

Remember, that first run is all about having fun, so don’t worry about working on specifics. We will keep that for the next step 😉

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