February Summary

We are thinking to start a new monthly series, to summarize each month in terms of training/runs. So here is the Summary for February:


8 training sessions, 10km walk/run


At the beginning of the month, we attended the Urban Mushing Workshop. You can read more about it and watch the video of that learning day on that blog post.


During the month of February, Luna learnt the following commands, and almost masters them now:

  • Haw (= left)
  • On by (=leave it/keep going)
  • Whoa (= stop)
  • Line out

Training with friends

We also had the opportunity to train with our very good friends Kenai and Archer from @canadianhusketeers. It was really good training on passing and being passed. We should do that more often!

Different places

We started to train in more places. Our main training location would be a street block close to our house, where there is not too much traffic in terms of cars and people, but just enough to train on distractions. It is easy for trainings during the week, when we don’t have too much time to drive to the park. It is also great to train on directions.

The second main training location would be a local conservation area. There is a trail which is just straight forward. So it’s easy to train on speed and duration here. We don’t train on directions when we go there, but it is a nice way to work on other distractions such as squirrels, other runners, mom taking the pictures…

Training book

We started to keeping book, as we learnt during the workshop. It is very useful to keep track of our progress, and being able to look back at it and see what we need to work on. What we include in our training book: date, if it’s JC or Flo running with her, if we ran with friends, temperature, weather (day or night, sunny, rainy or snow), location, what we worked on, and then comments on both Luna and the person who ran with her.


We also started to record all our trainings with the GoPro, as learnt during the workshop. Again, it is very good to be able to look back at your training. What we do is that because it is mostly JC running with Luna (I am injured in the knee so keeping it slow on the running), it is great for me to be able to look at the video. First, I feel involved in Luna’s training that way. Then, as I have a neutral eye, I am able to tell JC about what I notice is good or bad in both Luna’s and his training.

Goals for March

Our goal for March is to learn Gee (=right). Continue to have regular training. Try another conservation area, to give a new location, which means new distractions.

Luna will be 11 months in March, which means we are coming closer to her one year. Once she gets one year old, we will go to the vet get some X-rays done, to check her growth plates and see if we can increase the distance/duration of our runs.

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