Travelling with a raw fed dog

If you ask us, raw food is the best food for our dogs. The only drawback that we saw at first, was how do you travel with a raw fed dog? Raw food is frozen, so that’s where the challenge comes… No worries, there are a few options for you!!

Keep frozen in a cooler

If you are leaving for just a few days and have a good cooler, you can definitely just keep your raw food in there. I even know some people who use their dog’s raw food as ice packs to keep their own food cool 🙂 

Request for a fridge

If you are staying at friends, I understand it may be delicate to ask your friends to store your raw food. If you are staying at a hotel, call the hotel in advance and request for a room with a fridge! Most hotels have fridges in all or some of their rooms nowadays, and you just need to ask for it! It will not be guaranteed, but they will put the request in for you. 

Check for local stores

If you’re afraid that you won’t be able to keep your dog’s raw food for the duration of your trip, check for local stores in your area that sell raw food! Make sure to check their hours, in case it’s a holiday weekend! Our first trip on raw food was over Christmas weekend, so we made sure to check the local store’s hours in case we needed anything.

Dehydrated food

If you are going away longer than needed to keep your food frozen, or just want to take it easy on your trip and not have to worry about it, use dehydrated food! It is just a powder that you need to add water on to make a nice meal. Okay, it does not look really tasty. But believe me, your dog will love it and lick the bowl clean! We use TREK from Big Country Raw, it is really easy to serve and Luna loves it!

Do not worry, your dog’s poop will be a bit different than regular because of the different texture.

How do you travel with your raw fed dog? Let us know your tips in the comments!

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