All about our training sessions

Are you curious and want to know how our training sessions are? Or want to get a better routine in your training? Here is what we do on our training sessions!

Prepare your gear at home

The first step is to get all your gear together. We have a big sport bag with all our canicross gear. Before we leave for a training we always check that we have everything in that bag. Here is what we pack for a training:

  • Harness
  • Bungee line
  • Belt
  • Head lamp
  • Retractable water bowl
  • Water
  • Glycocharge (I will explain what it is a bit later)

Warm up/getting ready

Once we arrive at our training location, JC goes for a warm up run as soon as we get there. It is a team work. While he goes to warm up, I get Luna ready so he can maximize his warm up time. 

So in the meantime I get Luna ready, I put her harness on and prepare JC’s belt and bungee line for when he comes back. I make it easy for them to go run as soon as he’s back from his warm up run. He usually runs 2/3km to warm up. 


That’s everyone’s favorite part, the actual run. What we do would depend on our training at that time. Sometimes we try to build up the distance, sometimes we try to work on speed. Our first race was a 2k fun, so we had to work on speed on short distance. Our next race will be 3.5k run, so we will work on going for a longer distance in the next few weeks. 

End of the training

Once they’re done and come back to the car, again I will take care of Luna while JC cools down. 

In the meantime, I prepared the water bowl with Glycocharge. Glycocharge is something new we added to our routine based on recommendations from a few people who compete with their dogs. It is like Gatorade for humans, and helps for a faster and better muscle recovery. Because our little girl is an athlete so we take good care of her body and treat it like a champion. 

Glycocharge is a powder to add to water, like you would prepare a protein shake after your workout. We found that Luna likes it better when it’s well dissolved into the water, so I usually prepare it as soon as they leave so ta ready for when they come back. It is best consumed within half an hour of the workout. 

I let Luna drink as she wants, and then take her harness off and get her back in the car. She usually sleeps or rest the whole drive back home.


Something important to deal with when you run your dogs, is the meals. To avoid any stomach flips, you have to feed your dog either 3 hours before a run or 1 hour after the run. 

So this is our training routine! Let us know if you have any questions or want to share yours!

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