2019 Goals

Happy New Year everyone! We hope this year will bring you lots of fun adventures!
As the New Year is the time everyone traditionally sets resolutions to keep, we prefer to set goals. A goal with a plan is something achievable. So we believe we can achieve those goals. We set some individual goals for each member of our team. 

Run the Around the bay 30k race in less than 2:15. Around the Bay is a famous race in our area, known as the first big road race in North America, “older than the Boston Marathon”. It’s a race JC wanted to do since we first came in Canada, but there was always something. This year he finally registered for it!

Finish in Top 3 at each MEC races: 3 races in April, May and September.

Ski: be able to skate ski 10k without the dog. To be able to be good at skijoring we need to be good at skate skiing first. 

Bike: be able to bike 10km at 20km/h average on trails. To be better at bikejoring I need to get better on biking on trails and faster.

Directions: Handling the map on each and every hike we do in 2019. I am very bad at directions, because I never pay attention. I always follow and don’t pay attention, so if I’m on my own I get lost. I got lost at our last bikejoring training with Luna. Best way to work on that skill will be to handle the map every single time.

Coach: be more supportive with JC and try to find more alternative options to help with dogs training 

Mental: learn to shut up when it’s difficult. I tend to listen to myself too much. I tend to give up when it’s hard, in sports for example. Whether it’s on the bike, on skis, when it gets too hard I tend to give up. I need to learn to shut up and keep going. 

Ski: be able to skate ski 10k without the dog. To be able to be good at skijoring we need to be good at skate skiing first. 

Mushing: more reading and learning about the sports. I got a skijoring book for Christmas and it made me want to do more mushing reading and develop my knowledge about the sports. Any book recommendations?

Reinforcing haw/gee – listening better to all commands: Luna, as a typical husky, has a selective hearing. We definitely need to work on reinforcing a better listening to all commands, but especially the directions commands.

Work on constant pulling: Luna tends to chill a bit too much on our runs. We are going to work on reinforcing a constant tension in the line.

Run faster: Get to 3:00-3:10 pace in races on 5k ish in canicross. Get to 20km/h average bikejoring without other dogs as motivation. 

Stop the barking behaviour: Bolt is very vocal and barks a lot. He barks for playing, or when he demands attention. We are going to work on erasing that behaviour, especially the barking for attention. 

Deal with separation anxiety: as some of you know this has been a work with Bolt already. We thought he was having anxiety when Luna was not around, but apparently it’s also with us. We have a few things we are going to try to work on his separation anxiety.

Discover canicross and bikejoring: Bolt will have his first real trainings in a few months. He will compete in his first races.

Run 4.5k in September: we feel like we went too slow with Luna’s training. Bolt having so much drive already, we are confident he will go faster in his training and are hoping to get him to run 4.5k distance around September time.

These are the Team Running Husky goals. We hope to be able to say we achieved most of them by the end of 2019!
What are your goals for this new year?

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